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Choosing the right video for you

In the previous video you learned what the different options are for wedding videography. Now that you know what they are you can decide which is right for you. This episode gives more insight into how to choose.

Wedding Video Choices

Videography has become a wedding staple in the last few years. But there are options to choose from. This vlog from Photos By Orion talks about the different options available.

Using a Drone at your wedding

Yes, that kind of drone. They can get some of the coolest pictures around. Orion at Photos By Orion is a licensed drone pilot and this is a really cool service they offer. There are a lot of things to consider and think about when deciding if a drone is a good choice...

Heirloom Albums

This vlog by Kathryn at Photos By Orion talks about albums and why in the digital age you should still consider an album. Check out the video here:

Wedding Photography Packages

There are many wedding photographers and they all offer packages. But they are all so different! How can you compare them? In this vlog, Kathryn and Karin discuss that exact thing. It is easy to get overwhelmed but this may help ease some of the stress. Check it out...

The editing process

In this vlog, Kathryn with Photos By Orion explains the editing process. What it is and why it takes the time it does. Check out what she has to say about it here:n

Wedding Photography Package Pricing

What is included in a wedding photography package? How much time do I need? How do I get my photos? These are all questions couples ask themselves when choosing a photographer and comparing packages. Kathryn with Photos By Orion breaks down what the packages mean and...

Comparing Wedding Photographers

Making the choice of who is going to capture your wedding day is a big deal. Not only for the cost but also for the quality of the photos that are meant to last a lifetime. Kathryn with Photos by Orion did a vlog about how to compare wedding photographers and some...

Do I need a generator for my wedding?

Do I need a generator for my wedding?

Original Article Found at Only The Best Sound By: Steve Springer You have your heart set on a rustic wedding venue and now you have logistical needs. Power can be one of the hardest things to arrange for your wedding. Did you know there are different types of...